The V & A


In late june i cared for LM while her parents are away. on the sunday we went off to the V & A, and its was great!. I havent been there for years and had forgotten about all the statues!. For some reason i have developed a thing for statues – the talent of the men and women who carved them is incrediable. So i spent alot of time photographing them, while trying to keep a 7yr old interested!!. once i let her take photos she was happy!.

So, here are some of the photos from that day –


this is a tomb effigy from Italy, dated 1500-1530



these 2 photos are of a piece of walnut from Germany and dated 1430-40, and titled Death of The Virgin.

so, these are all i can post, as all the photos taken in portrait are being posted on their side – the same issue i was having in the old blog!. need to find out why that is happening!.


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