the weekly plan.


so, i’ve been in this place for almost 2 months and when i get home each evening i just tend to surf the net or watch the goggle box!. i have lots of little jobs or projects i want to do but i never get anywhere, so i have devised a plan of attach, and i’m putting it on here, to remind myself more than anything else!

this is mostly for the evenings,

monday = free night

tuesday = project 1

weds = work or free

thursday = jobs list

friday = alternating free & menu planning

saturdays – a.m = alternating shopping & cleaning :: p.m = crafty sporty watching time

sunday – a.m = project 2 :: p.m free

so, project 1 is going to be crochet cushion covers for 2 cushions that came with my sofa. project 2 is LM’s quilt. the menu planning needs overhauling and refining as i think i need to shop twice a month, instead of one big one and topping up perishables. it costs more in a taxi now to do it myself, so more frequently means i can handle the bags on the bus by myself. also, i’m hoping more often will reduce the amount of money i am spending on food.

right then!!, i’ve put the list out there, now i have to stick to it!. tonight i shall be searching¬†for a pattern for the first cushion cover and choosing the colours i’m going to use from my small supply of wool!.


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