1st Blueberries


When i moved to this flat i knew i would not be able to have a garden as it has no outside space. However it does have 2 very deep windows that jut out from the building, so i decided to keep my largest blueberry ( the squirrels had killed the 2 smaller ones! ). I had flowers on it when it arrived here as it had been sitting outside at the previous place. I’ve loved it ever since it got here, put it in the window with the most sun (this flat actually doesnt get much sadly) and now i am getting my reward – the berries are turning blue.

this morning i picked the first crop – a small one and enjoyed every bite. Blueberries are just so sweet and delicious straight off the bush – those imposters in the supermarket just dont compare!.


I do hope i will be able to get the plant to crop next year – i hope we have warmer weather so i can have the windows open and the bees can come in and do their bit!.


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