Calendar Page for June


I’ve been watching my friend Ally as she has been making calendar pages over the past year, and have been wanting to do the same, but a lack of mojo and inspiration stopped me. Once i moved i knew things would kick up a knotch as the things that were blocking me would be gone.

sooo…..i had a go and made my first page!. the idea comes from the Kathryn Wheel blog – an inspirational blog in itself!.

anyway, this is my first offering detailing what happened in the month of June – Jubilee month for us in the UK, hence the red, white and blue!.



3 responses »

  1. Wonderful work…love all the embellishing….good luck with keeping up each month. It is so fun to look back on. I still have to do my July. :-0

  2. Oops! Here I am sneaking in at last minute! Well, it’s still July isn’t it?! Well done for joining in the calendar challenge – I hope you decide to keep going! Love your page with it’s patriotic colours and celebration bunting!

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