Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins


I have just found a ‘keeper’ recipe!!. i had a ripe banana sitting on the side and decided to make some muffins with it rather than throw it out – am trying to use up what i buy not waste food!. as i only had the one, albeit large banana, i decided to add choccie chips as well – always a plus!!. i searched through my ”modest” recipe collection and found a recipe in Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess book. her recipe involved cherries – puke city – so i swapped them for chocolate chips, otherwise followed the recipe.

as an aside, i always follow the recipe faithfully the first time i use it, and then make changes after that based on my own tastes, but in this instance i didnt!! very reckless!!.

well, the end result are delicious!!. these will be made again!


there is no link on her website for this recipe, but if you have the book, its the banana, cherry and white chocolate muffins – i used milk chocolate instead of white as thats a better taste combo for me, with the banana.


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