Olympics Opening Ceremony


The Olympics have come to London. I watched from the comfort of my sofa – for 2 reasons –

1 = i couldnt afford a ticket!

2 = even if i could have afforded it, i wouldnt have been able to cope with the crowds and the queues!!.

I’m very bar humbug about being at events, i’m quite happy to have a comfy seat at home with a good view, the fridge and toilet nearby!.

I sat down to watch and this happened …….Image

My new flat appears to be in the flight path for the Red Arrows after they have flown over events in central London. So when i saw they were going over the Olympic Stadium i ran to my front window and looked to see if i could see them. I saw them off in the distance heading west, then they banked but i couldn’t tell if it was to the north or south. Then i saw the ‘headlights’, and knew they were coming my way.

Later after the ceremony was finished and the fireworks started, i again went to my front window, and could see the colours lighting up the sky to the east and hear the booms as they went off.

So, while i wasnt there, i got to experience some bits first hand rather than thru the telly!.

My best bits = Mr Bean on keyboard!, James Bond and the Queen, the lighting of the cauldron, and knowing there were descendants of Emily Pankhurst in the group of women depicting the woman’s movement.

Right, now, give it heaps Kiwis!!.


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