Menu Planning


For several years now, i have been menu planning – it helps make sure i eat a balanced diet, because otherwise i am prone to eating junk as i get home tired and cant be bothered cooking. Now i plan for the month, making sure that in that month i am making meals that are freezable, so that i am not always cooking everynight, and that i have some meals that are fully self contained, meaning i dont need to cook anything to go with it.

I have a basic group of recipes that i rely on, but am always on the lookout for new things to add to the mix (gotta love pinterest for that job!!).

Up til now i have been printing out blank calendar pages and filing them in. But inspired by this (thank you pinterest!), I have been on the look out for a suitable magnetic whiteboard. On the way to the supermarket yesterday i popped into Rymans and low and behold, there at the back was this –


I have plans to pretty it up with scrapbook stash, and will try and find some more magnetic sheets, as i like the concept Megan from ‘The Homes I Have Made’ came up with. When my version is finally done, i’ll do a show and tell!.


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