Baking day.


Today i finally tested out the new oven. I made my double choc chip biccies, and made tan slice for the first time, following the recipe from Baking makes things Better. i was thinking my effort was a bit of a fail, but looking at their pic again as i got the address for the link, i think i’m being a bit harsh with myself. I did nearly have a caramel incident in the microwave! – a bigger bowl is needed for next time!!.

this is my tan square – a plain cake base, a layer of caramel and a combo of cake crumbs and choc chips on top


when i went to make the biccies i discovered that the cheap and nasty new oven only has one oven rack in it!!


so i could only cook one tray at a time – thankfully they only take about 10mins!, but really!, one oven rack!. it hadnt dawned on me until that moment i was trying to load in 2 trays!.

finally, this is the view on the top of my microwave this evening – i’m channelling every country woman from back home who had tins of homemade baking ready for visitors!!.


the big clear box has the choc chippies in it and the other 2 have the tan slice. i’ll try take a better pic of the tan slice tomorrow!.


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