Memory Keeping


I’ve been struggling with how best to record me memories lately, now that i dont directly look after children. when i did i used to take photos all the time, both of the children and of the places we went to. now i teach those who look after the children, so the photo opportunities are limited and i seem to spend all my time working or trying to get to grips with my life after a tough couple of years.

I tried the calender monthly page for 3 months i think and while i got to record what i did, it doesnt give you much scope for photos and decoration. i havent put up my Aug page and it is very ho hum!.

I’m being  drawn to Project Life more and more, and am beginning to think a version of this might suit my needs. I love to record what happens but things dont have for me everyday so i’m thinking a monthly spread for the most part.

I’m pretty much made the decision to try this way for a few months and see how that works for me. so i’m not going to continue the art journal calendar page for now. But i am still going to continue art journalling in my book as i enjoy that process.

My plan is to start my version of PL in the month of my birthday in 2mths time, so that gives me time to get some of my vast stash pile ready and in the right size/some form of organisation.

Incidently, i’m debating with myself about going on a day trip to Paris for my birthday, to replicate the one i was taken on 5yrs ago. Being as i’m heading to NZ for a month 3 wks later, i cant decide!.


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