2 things for the kitchen, and 1 for the suitcase


Now that the seasons are changing, its time to think about stews, casseroles and soups!.  i decided that i would treat myself to 2 new kitchen applicances to aid this – a slow cooker and a stick blender!. Image


As i type, the slow cooker is doing its thing with a casserole based on the Edmonds Cookbook basic recipe – very handily, the info book the cooker came with has a page on converting regular recipes, so fingers crossed, about 6pm tonight, i will have casserole and mash for tea – yum!.

I have plans to make soup later this week, I’m going to try a roast kumara, butternut squash and carrot soup. I don’t have a recipe, i’m just going to play and see how it goes!. then i’ll get to play with the stick blender!.

while in the supermarket, i also brought this…..


it’s not Christmas without Quality Street!. i’m going to tip the contents into the suitcase to take home, although, seeing as how they have shrunk the tin, i may need to get another one!.


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