Half a jar of Gumption!.


Today i had a play with the gumption i made yesterday. I found the recipe of the down to earth forum.

i made up a half portion – 1/2c baking soda, 1/2t glycerin, 1/2-1 t dishwashing liquid, 1/2t essential oil (eucalyptus or tea tree)

you may need to add a touch of extra cold water – very small amounts as you want a soft paste not a liquid. I thought i had added to much essential oil (eucalyptus) as the smell was very strong yesterday, but opening the jar this morning and it wasnt so bad.

I decided to test it on this –

as i dont have a dishwasher i have to handwash them so the draining board is always dull!. so i trialled half the board first –

and you can see how clean its looking!. then i carried on and finished the rest of the sink –

it didnt quite shift some of the more stubborn limescale marks, so i did replay some gumption to those, and left it for a little bit longer. it has helped.

I certainly enjoyed using it and would use it again – very easy and quick to make and use. now all i need to do is find a bulk supply of baking soda!.


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