Kathy Orta’s Lap Book Project


Last weekend i discovered this video on youtube . i really liked the look of the album, and spent all weekend watching all parts of the series that had been posted thus far, then this week have been stalking for the next installments, which i watched. I was really inspired and wanted to make one but didnt think i should this side of my holiday.

all week i’ve been thinking about it and last night i just sat down and made it. this is how far i’ve got – the blank base is made, and now i’m waiting for a stash order so i can finish it off by making it pretty!. my plan is to take it to NZ and use it for JYC and if i have got it all ready to fill in, then completing it each day shouldn’t be a problem.

when i went into Rymans, here in the UK, i couldnt find the tabbed file folders like Kathy uses, so i got a pack of straight edged ones, and trimmed them to the size Kathy uses in the video.

in the first photo below, the 2 short flaps on the edge are the covers of the album, and then you can see an idea of the internal layout.

the second photo gives a good idea of all the surfaces that are available to decorate.

and the bottom photo shows it open out flat with the pocket on the back of the project.








I’m hoping my stash will arrive this week and then i can play next weekend making it pretty like Kathy’s, and have it all ready to take to NZ to fill with family memories.


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