Happy New Year!!!.

The upcoming year is all about change and settling down, new experiences, people and places.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’m going to miss this though……..

P1080755 - Copy

Hope ‘six dinner sid’ is still around the next time i go home!.


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    • he doesn’t yet belong to the family, however we think he has been abandoned as no one appears to be looking for or calling him. he seems very happy and relaxed at my parents place!!. he’s such a lovely loving cat – it was nice having daily cuddles and ”talks”, as he liked to ‘chat’.
      Happy New Year.

      • Our cats have always been strays that adopted us – they are always the nicest cats – possibly because they are so grateful for the shelter, food and affection. It always comes back to you.

  1. Aww what a cute kitty. I just want to reach out and rub his tummy 🙂 Hope you had a nice time in Christchurch, the cathedral is heartbreaking to see though isn’t it…

    • yeah, the cathedral is tough to look at in person – i thought i was prepared for it, but it was one of the things that brought tears to my eyes.
      I’m moving back to CHCH this year, and i’m looking forward to being back and seeing all the changes as they unfold – i’m old enough to remember Victoria Sq before the Park Royal/Crowne Plaza, so i feel like i’ll be witnessing a 3rd kind of CHCH, if that makes sense!!.

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