”Six Dinner Sid”


I’ve had a couple of comments on the furry number in my previous post, so i thought i would give him his own special post!.

He has been visiting my parents for several years, and used to interact with one of my parents cats, now sadly in heaven. Sid would be outside rolling around, and Robbie would copy him from inside (Robbie was a ragdoll who didnt go outside!).

Sid would turn up for a few days and then disappear for a few weeks, before coming back. then late last year he started coming more frequently, looking skinny and unkept. Dad, from his walks, reckoned he knew what house Sid came from and discovered that the house was now empty. so my parents gave him a few cat biscuits when he visited. then he disappeared again for a long while – dad supposing they came back to find him and take him back to his new place.

then he turned up again looking skinny and hungry, and he hasn’t left!. my first week there back in Dec he was there when i arrived and disappeared for a week, then came back and visits each day, sleeps in the garden and hopes for a snuggle on a knee. my parents are in a quandry about what to do – they dont want to ‘steal’ him as they would hate for someone to do that to a cat of theirs, but they hate the thought that he could be abandoned. I’ve suggested they take a photo of him up to the local vet and see if they recognise him, to help them sort out what to do.

now, enough words – how about some cat porn……

P1080384 - Copy

P1080657 - Copy

my niece was desperate for Sid to sit on her knee, but it took forever to get her to sit still enough, for long enough for Sid to decide she was a comfy bed!. the towel is there to protect her legs as he likes a ‘paddle’!.

P1080658 - Copy

P1080662 - Copy

he’s not fussy where his water comes from, enjoying the paddling pool most times it was up!. and he didnt use his claws, which was lucky since the pool only came with one repair piece!.

P1080757 - Copy

gotta love crossed footsies!!.


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