House Crush


so, while i’ve been watching the rugby this afternoon, i’ve been doing some window shopping on the NZ real estate website!. hot on the heels of reading alot of the slow living posts i’ve been looking at lifestyle blocks and i’ve fallen in lurve…..

with this property….


its about 15 acres in North Canterbury, with a home that follows the style i love. lots of room to create a self reliant lifestyle as much as possible. lots of shelter from the winds that blow across the Canterbury Plains.

I’d have a big vegetable garden, an orchard and berries, and a herb garden. a greenhouse or polytunnel, a house cow, a few sheep and pigs, and of course some cats :-). Solar panels on the roof and a rain harvesting system on all the buildings to be as self reliant as possible!.

inside the interior is dated but liveable til it could be up dated. it has a log burner to keep me warm in the winter and enough rooms to have a dedicated craft room!.

its about 40mins north of Christchurch, and maybe about 20mins from a good friend.

short of not being able to afford it, on paper it seems a good place for me!!.

Dreams are free……


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