for a long time now i’ve been making my own food – buying the single components and cooking up a meal, usually in bulk to put additional meals in the freezer. I very rarely buy preprocessed meals because of all the additives they put in the meals to keep them safe in the supermarket. now there is another excellent reason to make my own – the horse meat scandal that is appearing to sweep the country. every few days another revelation is revealed, and lets not forget pork being found in halal food!. all preprocessed food has now got to be tested to ensure it doesn’t contain horse!.

what disgusts me most is the sheer arrogance of some fat cat somewhere who’s being a greedy ‘s.o.b’ and deceiving others by substituting beef for horse and then peddling their product as beef lasagne or hamburger, which are then sold to people looking for food on the cheap.

its time to realise you get what you pay for, that business is not looking after you, the consumer – they are looking after their wallets and the fatter they can stuff them at your expense the better.

I dont know when business stopped being about the product and service and started being about greed, but its ugly!. i should know – i’m just finishing up working for someone with this mentality – money over product!. sadly not enough people feel the way i do, so the adage ‘voting with your wallet’ wont make a significant amount of difference.

its greed that makes me want to be self sufficient, so i’m not feeding the wallet of some a/hole somewhere who’s not concerned about supplying me with a quality product/service – they’re just after increasing their annual bonus!.

hmmm…..i get quite worked up about this topic!. best i stop now!.



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  1. No Rachel, don’t stop, you are only saying what 90% of this country feels, and 89% are not willing to voice! We are too slow to complain and even slower to stand up and be counted. Well the time is here and now is the time for us all to say no to shoddy service, poor customer relations and even worse downright lies and contempt for others. Keep up the truth and spreading the word and the courage to stand up and be counted for truth, fair play and good basics be it food or way of life.
    MWG x

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