the next stage has begun…


Yesterday was my last day of being employed until i can secure a new job!. I am now in the first throws of winding down in the UK, and preparing for my move back to NZ towards the end of the summer here in the northern hemisphere (thereby missing winter in NZ!!!).

I now have to secure some Maternity Nursing work, in order to pay off my debts, be able to afford to ship some of the 10 years worth of treasures i’ve accumulated home, and be able to fly home, rather than walk/swim!.

as i dont have a job to go to yet, and i need a break, i am planning on using these next couple of weeks to get some unfinished projects completed, start sorting and packing some things up, and planning some trips to European capitals, because, for all the years i’ve lived in the UK, i’ve hardly seen anything of Europe!. 

I’m hoping to have a few more things for show’n’tell over the next few weeks to liven up this blog!. 

right, where to begin……


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  1. With your planning in action do you think you could include a little meet up with a couple of folk for hugs and good wishes for the next stage in a lovely ladies life?

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