Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sneak Peek…..




A little something i’ve been working on…..the top is now completely finished. all i have to do is join all 3 layers together. I hope between the madness of the coming week, i’ll be able to do that.

lots more photos have been taken, but all will be revealed in a ‘ta-da’ post!.


a little treat


i was reading Lucy’s blog at Attic24, and she showed some lovely pottery, that i to covert, but will a 6-12mth wait time, i will run out of time to treat myself. so instead, i had a look round one of the websites and found this print that i love.



heres the link – there are lots of wonderful colourprints by Janet Bell, but this one stole my heart – my fav colours, cottages over looking water.

hopefully it will make here before i leave, although it will get redirected!.

touching base


not alot is happening here at the moment, although, alot should be!. i have to move out of here next week!, and organise all the things that are to be shipped to NZ!.

after i move out i’ll be ‘of no fixed abode’ in between jobs!. i have an 8wk contract starting in June.

i have been working on my sewing project and need to get the sewing machine components finished as i’m packing the machine up to send on the boat as well!!. i’ve been taking photos, and once its finished and presented to the lucky lady, i will share here.

regarding the russian fudge from the previous post – the taste improved overnight and it was devine. so much so, that i made another batch last week. thats it now, no more til NZ, but i’m chuffed i can make it as its something i do love – i just have to ration myself!.

i’ll be back soon!.