another small touch of base!


well, its week 7 of 8, and this is the first week all contract i have felt alive!. i have got a very unsettled sleeper which means i’ve been averaging 3-4 broken hours of sleep a night. fingers crossing, lots of wood touching etc, she seems to have turned a corner and the last 3 nights have been greatly improved and i’m getting nearer 5-6 broken hours.

because of all that sleep deprivation, i havent done anything i wanted to do in my down time while the baby slept – no post about the beauty of Devon, no work on the special project and no book read!.

i manage to get out for a walk most days with the baby, but with the heat now (summer is here!), its not for long as it gets too hot!. we’e taken advantage of the usually private Portman Square being open to the public and go sit in there from time to time. however this little lady doesnt like stopping so its usually a quick sit down before walking again!.

the job ends on sunday week, and i plan to have a very low key august – got some house sitting to enjoy in the last 2 wks, so i plan to get the secret project finished then!.

i will sort the Devon post out soon-ish!.

back soon!.


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