a thank you gift.


on sunday i finished a 2 month job contract and was given a wonderful gift.

the previous Sunday I have taken the baby for a walk along Bayswater Rd to see if the artists still ply their trade. Sure enough, I found some. I came across an artist who’s work I really liked. I brought a smaller piece of his and fell in love with a bigger piece. I didn’t have the money for it as he only takes cash there, so I said I would stalk his website and evaluate if it doesn’t sell that day.

i stalked his website on Monday and Tuesday and saw it didn’t sell. So made the decision to buy it as I know I will regret it otherwise. Throughout the week my employer kept asking me about the various artists who’s work I’d brought while on the job, and bless her she could never remember this guys name, so on Friday she presented me with an envelope containing some money towards the painting – in fact the full amount for the painting!! I was gobsmacked!!.

on sunday morning i got baby up before her feed and took her off to buy the painting, having corresponded with the artist all week about it.

he chatted with me as he wrapped the painting, telling me he’d had 2 enquires about it in the half hour before i’d arrived and was pleased to say it was sold. he also told he’d had his pitch there for 50yrs, getting as an art student way back in the day.

so, this is the painting….

safe haven

and the artist is David James, and this is his website.

i cant wait to have a wall in NZ to put it on – somewhere where i can look at it every day.


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