i have a bit of a problem as i like to collect tins – cant tell you why, but i end up falling for a pretty or unusual tin. Marks and Spencer’s manage to feed my addiction on a yearly basis with their Christmas tins, and anything in between that i fancy – like this year with one featuring a map of the UK!!.

i was having  awander round my local M&S this week and came across a stand with foods and ingredients from abroad and there on the shelf was this…..


ooooh…..pretty, french, different shape to usual UK tins!. there were 2 variety – chocolate and salted caramel. i chose chocolate – playing it safe – you cant generally go wrong with choc chippies can you?!. when i opened the tin, this is what i found…..



little individual packs of 4, and OMG – for mass produced biscuits/cookies, they are devine!. so much so that i’m considereing getting the caramel ones or more of these!.

i should also say i have been to Mont Saint Michel – albeit about 20 yrs ago, so i felt justified that i could use this as a souvenir – clutching at straws?!!

should be pointed out, they are not cheap, but well worth the money!


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