new eyes and projects!


well, my eye tests proved i did need glasses for close work (which i’d already figured out!). the good news is that’s all i need them for and the optometrist said i wasn’t to wear them all the time, just for close work – stitching etc!. yay!. but he now recommends, due to age!, that i get checked yearly.

so ladies and gentlemen, here is my first pair of glasses at age 45!. considering the 3 other members of my immediate family have had glasses for years, i think that’s pretty good going!.

P1090695 P1090696


they are purple with a turquoise design thru them and the best of a boring bunch. i wanted red but all the frames i tried didnt suit my face, and man!, it was hard adjusting to clear glass when finding a frame being all i’ve ever tried on before was sunglasses!.

now, with these new babies, i can work on one of these……

P1090697 P1090699

i’m not used to buying the fabric you stitch on yet and when i was placing this order i was a little concerned at the price, but now the order is here i see there is going to be plenty for other projects so i feel much better about that! means i need a few more charts!!.

i’m already stalking the website i buy Santa’s Village from as it appears part 10 has been released now, so another order is brewing!!.


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