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patchy service may ensue….


I’m going into another maternity nursing placement today for a few weeks. i’m not sure what the internet situation is yet plus how much free time i’ll have so i may not be able to post much over the coming weeks. i do have a couple of posts on the back burner should i be able – mostly for op shop show off.

i thought i would post progress of my cross stitching now and then see how much i get done while working.

the neighbourhood hasnt had alot done this past week as i’ve been busy finishing up at LM’s house. i’ve added more to the red house roof.


i’ve also started LHN’s patience sheep virtue as a gift for LM



i’m hoping to alternate each day on both of these so they both progress. i have most of the bits to finish the gift, but would like some trim, so hope to be able to find that while working.

i will post when i am able – the photos are ready, i just need to write the post.


new goodies from the US!


after seeing some talented ladies going the LHN’s sheep virtues, i decided i wanted to do one for someone as a wee present. i couldnt find it in stock in the UK, so i tried 123stitch. i’d asked people on the cross stitch forum i belong to about their experiences of using it from outside the USA. the reviews were positive, so i placed my order.

days rolled by, the parcel limped from Utah to Canada, and then the tracking said it was being returned to sender. i contacted them to clarify what was up and they were very good in corresponding about the situation.

this morning as i was packing to leave the house i was staying in, i was given a parcel. i was puzzled, then realised it was the 123 parcel. yay! i am so happy and so in lurve with the contents. does anyone pay you to cross stitch?!!

2 more Little House Needleworks charts, and the 10th Santas Village chart by Country Cottage Needleworks. part 11 has been released in the US now!.

P1100259 P1100260

and another set of stamps for PL!!. i’ve just ordered the set i spied at Ally Pally last weekend as well!. i really need to sit on my hands!.


**cough cough…..**


yesterday all the rest of the bits i’ve accumulated since may was sent off to NZ in prep for my arrival in late Nov. i put all my Project Life stuff in the same box and highlighted it on on my list!. included was an orange tin that held the caramel biscuits which now holds washi tape!!. (side track – the caramel werent as nice as the choc chip of the green tin!)

so this is my final haul of tape…..

P1100244 P1100245 P1100246 P1100247


most ordered from ebay, and some from etsy. am pee’d off cos i found out 4 tapes i brought off etsy i could have got off ebay for a fraction of the cost. the ebay sellers really dont help their cause with such dreadful pictures sometimes!.

i brought one tape i didnt like in real life, so gave that to LM (as well has buying her 3 others – she loves the spotty rainbow!), and i’m not a fan of the 2 fabric ones – the large green floral and the yellow and white polka dots.

i’ve taken a small piece of each tape and put it onto a piece of white paper to see what the tape looks like, and i have that with me as reference to what i already have. there may be one more order in Nov as LM got a teal and white polka dot that i really like!!.

i cant wait to play with them next year when i begin PL for real!.

i can finally reveal swap goodies


a while back i sent a parcel to a swap buddy in Australia. i went round the charity shops trying to find that perfect vintage item for her. i knew she liked vintage and chickens, and this is what i found, and coveted for myself, but was strong and posted it off, along with other goodies!.


this is the whole contents, things related to cooking, self sufficiency, camping, chickens, vintage and handmade.



the parcel she is sending to me is now going to my sisters as i’m away from my postal address for the next 6wks!.

Op Shop Show Off


i had hoped i might have had some more goodies to share in this post, but there are courier problems with an ebay purchase so only one thing today.

i spied this egg cup on ebay a few weeks ago and forgot to bid as i was busy with something else. luckily it didnt sell, so i kept it on my watch list incase it was relisted. it was about a week later.

i’m a bit of a plane nerd – my father was a commercial pilot, as is an ex boyfriend, and i wish i’d been brainy enough to have become one!.

P1100236 P1100238


i’m linking with Op Shop Show Off at Blackbird has Spoken

last ever trip to Ally Pally!


on saturday i went off to the stamp and scrapbook show at Alexandra Palace. i’m kind pleased this is my last time of going because its getting very card making focused. very few dedicated scrapbook stands.

i had a small wish list!, but somehow, as always, things managed to jump into my bag!.

so here is the haul…..


above :: stamps, stencils, 2 acrylic blocks, a small bottle of glossy accents and another dabber thing! i love the Lavina Stamps, the examples she had up on her booth were magical!.


below :: a collection of small print 12x12s, some journalling cards


below :: some inks!.


below :: all the stamps i have got so far for Project Life. there is one set i am going to order from the USA, and i have one set on their way as well!.



i’ve just arranged for the stuff i need to send home to go this week, rather than being frantic in November. this has worked out well, because i had intended to send this haul of things for PL by post so i could have it ready for Jan 2014. with the stuff going this week, it’ll be there by xmas, or just after and i’ll label the box its in so i only open that box!.

now i need to be very disciplined and not buy anything more because after thursday i’ll have to carry it in my suitcase!.

let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London……


well….along the Thames, and from a birds eye point of view!.

On friday i took the young lady i’ve cared for for many years on a sightseeing day out. we decided to go on a boat trip, and since i’ve come down the river from Hampton Court several times, i decided to go out to the Thames Barrier. She also really wanted to go on the London Eye, which i also wanted to do as i haven’t before. but i said we’d see what the wait time was before committing to that. luckily for us from entering the ticket hall to boarding the eye was 40mins, which i was ok with!. if we’d been told the wait was 2hrs, i’d have said no!!.

so here is a few pics of the day….

P1090926 - Copy

above :: Big Ben showing the time we set off in the morning.

Below :: the monument to the Great Fire of London

P1090956 - Copy

the old and new of London, to the left the sky scrapers of the City of London, and to the right the Tower of London

P1090965 - Copy

gliding under Tower Bridge

P1090968 - Copy

according to our guide, this is the oldest riverside pub in London, with parts of the building dating back to the 15th century.

P1090991 - Copy

some swanking riverside living. you can see how high the river rises on a high tide!. and notice the bright pink outside furniture!.

P1090995 - Copy

the restored Cutty Sark at Greenwich. She was destroyed by fire a few years ago and has been completed restored.

P1100001 - Copy

the Naval colleges, Queens House and Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

P1100014 - Copy


the Emirates skyway across the Thames. again according to the guide, it runs at about 10% capacity.


P1100024 - Copy

some hardy souls walking over the O2 Arena

P1100025 - Copy

the Thames Barrier, with one the barriers up. these lie on the river bed until they are needed to be raised. apparently since the reign of Elizabeth 1st, London has sunk by 8ft, which is why we need this barrier!.

P1100038 - Copy

the iconic Barrier shot!.


P1100047 - Copy

the closest i’ve got yet to Olympic Park in Stratford!. this is the stadium and the large art work – the red circular thing!.

P1100054 - Copy

another riverside home

P1100058 - Copy

the Shard from Greenwich.

P1100081 - Copy

Tower Bridge

P1100133 - Copy

the replica of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre

P1100146 - Copy

then it was time for this!….

P1100171 - Copy

Alexandra Palace on the hill in the background. Nowadays this is my local area, i worked for 3 yrs in its shadow. i also went there the next day to the stamp and scrapbooking show – more of that in a post to come!.

P1100193 - Copy

Buckingham Palace

P1100197 - Copy

the green roof in the centre is the British Museum

P1100206 - Copy

am empty pod at the top of the eye!. oh to have been in that one, instead of the crowded one i was in!.

P1100210 - Copy

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and looking up Victoria Street towards Victoria Station.

P1100212 - Copy

St Paul’s Cathedral

P1100217 - Copy

Waterloo Station on the south side of the river.

P1100223 - Copy


it was a good day, with loads to see – i took over 300 photos!.

we rounded our day off with ice cream at the Haargen Dazs parlour in Leicester Square before heading home 2 tired out humans!.