new old treasures!


on one of the forums i belong to i am in a swap with someone based in Australia. we share some interests and hobbies, but otherwise dont know each other!. i have to put together a gift parcel to send to her and she is doing the same for me. as part of my parcel i wanted to see if i could find anything in the charity shops to add to her box of goodies. in the last shop i did finally find something great – so much so that i really want to keep it!!.

anyway, along the way, some other things fell into my shopping bag!. i thought i would share….


these unused napkins i actually won on ebay for a few pounds – to reduce the use of paper towels


a pretty cut glass bowl that says Italy on the bottom


i got 6 of these soup bowls – there were 8 in the window but 2 were badly chipped so i declined those.


this little piece of oriental art appealed to me,  the frame needs sorting out, but i just liked the cheerfulness of the picture – it speaks of spring and renewal.


got these two crystal bowls for a couple of pounds for the pair!.


and this isnt old – its Dartington Crystal and i loved the colour and shape and can imagine white or pink tulips in this next spring!.

once the swap has been received by my partner i’ll share what i got for her!.

linking with opshop showoff


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