a little late to the party!!


the washi party that is!!.

when washi tape first came out i wasnt papercrafting so, as much as i loved it, i resisited in buying any!. now i’m heading back to NZ i’m stocking up on some things cos i wont have spare ‘play money’ for a while until i’m in a job and flat and settled.

i’ve finalised what crafts i’m going to concentrate on next year so am getting some things organised now while theres the opportunity. i’m going to do Project Life from Jan 2014, crochet and cross stitch, with some sewing things as and when i feel like it.

so i’ve been getting some things for PL – some new 6×6 pp pads, some stamps and now this little haul…..



i found a shop on ebay that had a good selection and originally told myself to select 5 rolls!!. yeah right – the shopping cart was fuller and i had to remove some!. i still think there is room for a few more – theres 17 there, which is an odd number, i think it should be rounded up to 20, or even 25!!.

i adore the blue leaves on the bottom row!.

i think there needs to be something with more orange in it, and another arrow type in a different colour!. not sure whether to get some solid colours?? decisions!. i think i need to peruse Pinterest for washi tape inspiration!.

if you use washi tape, what are your favourites that you use the most?


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    • should i be enabling you?!!. i use a shop on ebay, i’ll pm you the link via fb. i looked around various sites and found ebay to be the cheapest!. i’m afraid i have ordered more, from both ebay and etsy. the ebay stores are very similar, but on etsy there is much more variety, amazingly, so i’ve taken the chance and order 4 rolls each from 2 different sellers based in Hong Kong as their postage rates were half the American rates.

  1. Ooh, pretty! Love the small green floral one.

    17 is such an odd number. You definitely need more to round it out a bit. Is it possible to have too much tape? 😉

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