House Crush


time for another look at a property i’d buy if i could!.

this one on situated on Lyttleton Harbour and is somewhere i’d definitely like to live. the only down side for me at the moment is the earth quakes – living on the harbour means you’re on the other side of the Port Hills from the city of Christchurch, and in my case, access to my parents, should there be problems with the road over the hill or the tunnel through the hills.

heres the link to the real estate listing for more pics

its a small 2 bedroom home facing north, overlooking water – my dream combination. remember all you northern hemisphere types – facing north is the same as facing south for you guys – the way to catch the sun!.

the pictures arent brilliant in size, and if they are hard to see here, have a look at the link as you can see enough that way.

the outside facade..

nothing a fresh coat of paint and some garden tidying wouldnt solve. look at all the sun hitting the building!.

charteris bay1

the view from the front of the property – yes please!.

charteris bay2

the living area – i can imagine a comfy chair in the corner by the windows in the second photo – a great place to crochet and cross stitch as you watched the sailing on the harbour!.

charteris bay3

charteris bay4

a quaint little kitchen

charteris bay5

a deck outside to enjoy the view, warmth and sunshine – esp with a glass of something cool!.

charteris bay6

it needs a log burner and a cat, and i’d be quite happy there!.

ok, the pictures have not come up well at all, you’ll have to look at the link for a better idea!.


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