the makings of a mini album


late last year i discovered Kathy Orta on You Tube. i made her lap book, which i left in NZ at Xmas time. when i came back i watched some more of her videos and decided to make a mini album. one saturday i had LM (8yrs) round for a few hours and she saw it and wanted to make one as well. so we started together. we got as far as making one set of pages together and i made another set. time marched on and it was getting near the move out date in May so i quickly made the basis of the hidden hinge while i still had my scoring board, and i gathered a few supplies and put them aside so they wouldnt get packed.

this month i’ve been caring for her again after the child care worker hired to start decided not to show up. so we have finally starting finishing this album. i gave up the idea of making mine and have just concentrated on getting hers done. she has chosen all the papers herself – mostly BG, and cut and glued. i’ve supervised and done the more trickier gluing. we made a cover and put in the hinge – not quite what Kathy had in mine but it works for an 8yr old!.

i’m about to start gluing in the pages and she has some more decorating to do, then she can add her photos and words.

this is where we are as of today……

P1090869 P1090872 P1090873

each page set has a variety of interactive features so shes going to have alot of fill in!.

and notice – shes been in the washi tape!!.

its pretty good going consider my craft room is in NZ!


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