the little neighbourhood progress.


i’m continuing to work away at my cross stitch, but i’m not being as productive as i could – it might only be an hour here and there around the other things i have to do. i dont do it at night, because where i’m staying because the light is no good. i suspect i’d be further along if i had better light at night.

anyway, this is the progress so far…

P1090887 P1090888 P1090889


its my intention to fill this area of hoop before moving on, so i have some of the roof of the red house, the grass from the line above and the roof of the house on the bottom line, for which you can see the 2 chimneys already. also the blue house needs its cream window and door frames and the star to be completed.

i have also made my first purchase from 123stitch – i placed the order friday morning, and by evening, thanks to the time difference, it was already in the post. its yet to turn up but i’m curious to see how long it’ll take. i’ve order a small chart that i want to do for LM, plus another Santas Village part and a chart that caught my eye. also!! – some stamps for PL cos they were cheaper from the US, including postage!.


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