Op Shop Show Off.


I’m beginning to run out of time to visit the op/charity shops before i head back to NZ. yesterday i went to another suburb local to where i’m stay because i know they have about 5 shops in a row almost.

it was slim pickings to be fair but i did come away with some great finds!.

for £4 i found this – i think its original, but i haven’t investigated the artist yet.


some vintage maps. i want to do something with maps, but i want to use maps of places that mean something to me. so i got one of central London – more on that in a minute. one of Devon as i love the area and its where my surname seems to originate from. the lakes one i couldnt resist because it seems to be made of a thin vinyl. the 3 cost £4


the big score was this map of London – it is fabulous, it does have a few holes in the fold corners but oh my word, i’m so pleased!. i didnt open it at the shop, just took a gamble, and it paid off!.


a close up view!.


and finally i picked this book up for £4 as well. i’ve had it on my amazon wish list since it was published because i have a thing for kitchen gardens. first flick, its great – lots of plans of the garden grown at the White House.



I’m sharing my haul at Op Shop Show Off


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  1. Hi Rachel.
    it seems your last ditch op-shop paid off, the picture is really delightful, and very english, and with the maps make nice mementos. I haven’t come across that book before, i must see if my local library has a copy-i’m a kitchen garden geek too, it’s always the place i most want to see at any ones home i visit!
    safe travels x

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