last ever trip to Ally Pally!


on saturday i went off to the stamp and scrapbook show at Alexandra Palace. i’m kind pleased this is my last time of going because its getting very card making focused. very few dedicated scrapbook stands.

i had a small wish list!, but somehow, as always, things managed to jump into my bag!.

so here is the haul…..


above :: stamps, stencils, 2 acrylic blocks, a small bottle of glossy accents and another dabber thing! i love the Lavina Stamps, the examples she had up on her booth were magical!.


below :: a collection of small print 12x12s, some journalling cards


below :: some inks!.


below :: all the stamps i have got so far for Project Life. there is one set i am going to order from the USA, and i have one set on their way as well!.



i’ve just arranged for the stuff i need to send home to go this week, rather than being frantic in November. this has worked out well, because i had intended to send this haul of things for PL by post so i could have it ready for Jan 2014. with the stuff going this week, it’ll be there by xmas, or just after and i’ll label the box its in so i only open that box!.

now i need to be very disciplined and not buy anything more because after thursday i’ll have to carry it in my suitcase!.


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