**cough cough…..**


yesterday all the rest of the bits i’ve accumulated since may was sent off to NZ in prep for my arrival in late Nov. i put all my Project Life stuff in the same box and highlighted it on on my list!. included was an orange tin that held the caramel biscuits which now holds washi tape!!. (side track – the caramel werent as nice as the choc chip of the green tin!)

so this is my final haul of tape…..

P1100244 P1100245 P1100246 P1100247


most ordered from ebay, and some from etsy. am pee’d off cos i found out 4 tapes i brought off etsy i could have got off ebay for a fraction of the cost. the ebay sellers really dont help their cause with such dreadful pictures sometimes!.

i brought one tape i didnt like in real life, so gave that to LM (as well has buying her 3 others – she loves the spotty rainbow!), and i’m not a fan of the 2 fabric ones – the large green floral and the yellow and white polka dots.

i’ve taken a small piece of each tape and put it onto a piece of white paper to see what the tape looks like, and i have that with me as reference to what i already have. there may be one more order in Nov as LM got a teal and white polka dot that i really like!!.

i cant wait to play with them next year when i begin PL for real!.


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