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Patience is finished!


I’m heading off to Geneva for a week tomorrow so have been working hard to get LHN’s Patience sheep finished so i’m not taking 2 projects with me!.

i changed the colour of the sheep as the ecru that the chart recommended doesnt show up well in the boarder, so i used the winter white from the neighbourhood kit and am pleased with the change. of course if i’d kept the right fabric out there wouldnt have been a problem!!. still i’m very pleased with the result. i’m tempted to add the Little Sheep Virtues to my stitchy to do list for myself cos they are so cute!.

So heres the finished piece. i’ll sew it into an ornament hanging thingy once i’m back from Switzerland.


i’ve finished the red house in the neighbourhood and started some of the right hand side edge. we’ll see how much i get done while i’m away!.



i’m hoping to have some lovely photos to share when i’m back!.


op shop show off


i have a few more treasures to show off from a few purchases before the last lot of boxes were sent off 3 wks ago.

i had to run some errands in Enfield town centre so i decided to have one last sweep of the charity shops. i had a bag of things to give to them, and had spoken sternly to myself about not buying too many things!!.

in one shop i found the 4 glasses and the glass dish, and in another the brown pottery dish and the blue plate. i love the delicacy of the glasses. i hope they survive the shipping to NZ!!.

P1100252 P1100253


i had been saving up my small change and had deposited a sum into the bank. this little haul was that amount – £!3!. i was pretty pleased with that!!.

i’m sharing with opshop show off over at Blackbird has Spoken

the last last trip to Ally Pally!!


so, a few weeks ago i went to Ally Pally for the stamp and scrapbook show. i had thought it would be my last trip there, however i knew the Knitting and Stitching show was coming up and hoped i might be able to make it if work allowed.

guess what!! work allowed!. so off i trekked yesterday.  the show is huge compared to the stamp/scrapbook show, and yesterday was the first time in all my times of attending shows where i went out, sat down and thought about what i’d seen and was there anything i wanted to go back to see/buy.

i had a list of things i wanted – speciality threads for Santas Village and Hillside Travellers, some trim for Patience the sheep, something for a potential ornament swap i might join in on the DtE forum.

so here is the photographic evidence of a day well spent!.

i should  be able to find a suitable ornament to stitch if i decide to join in the swap!.


the one bag i took wasnt enough, so i supported the Cats Protection League and brought one of their bags!. i did chuckle at them having a stand there – i guess alot of crafty women have fur babies!!.


wool was NOT on my list!. but i couldnt resist the pink – it is soooo soft and snuggly. i wish i’d got another skein. the other wool was so cheap for 100% wool that i couldnt walk away!.


i hadnt talked to myself about fabric – i should have done!. all i had wanted was something i could use for backing for xmas decoration i MAY make!!.


i love these hooks – i have the 5 already, but its in NZ, so i got another along with the 4 and 6. i’m thinking of hooking the pink wool into a snuggly scarf or cowl


speciality threads – got all that was on my list, so pleased about that.


and charts – could have brought so much more….


i saw this stitched up and its absolutely gorgeous. this is the full kit as well which is a bonus!.


this was lovely stitched up as well.


have fancied this for a while. i fancy doing it in a funky colour


been wanting this for a while


i’ve seen a photo of this finished and its lovely, plus i love the saying.




and the 11th Santas Village. i hadnt expected to find that, so i was pleased with that. she also had the button.



there were several cross stitch stands but only 3 that really spoke to me. the lady i brought santas village, and a few other charts from, had the most amazing stitching on display, all she’s done herself. she had the quilting bee up, and its amazing – took her longer that she thought to stitch it. that doesnt bode well for a slow coach like me!!.

I’m back……


was i missed? anyone??!!.

well, i’ve just finished a 10day placement without break, so am a touch knackered!. i was in a newly renovated house without internet!. it was very hard trying to survive on my phone for contact with the outside world. i took the baby to starbucks most days to use their net. while there i did try their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate – rather yummy!.

as i mentioned in my last post i wanted to try and stitch each day, and alternate pieces. i managed to stick to that for the most part. i had a landing outside my room that had 2 skylights – it was a brilliant place to stitch with all that light!.

on the neighbourhood, i got the frames finished on the blue house, all the red of the red house and more for the roof.


on patience, the frame is completely finished, with the exception of one square!!. for some reason i missed it!. i’ll sort it when i use the same colour in a nearby mofit!. i also mucked up the area under the sheep – i didnt look at all the pattern and thought i had it in my head and stitched away before realising my mistake. i decided not to unpick and to count off the stem of the flower for placement of the sheep and flowers around them. there isnt alot left on this to do – finish the sheep, the word patience and more detail on the flower.

the other thing about this piece – i think i kept the wrong fabric out of the box to nz as the ecru colour doesnt show up well i dont think. i’m meant to use it for the sheep, but have decided to use the whiter colour of the sheep in the neighbour for these sheep.



tomorrow i’m going to the knit and stitch show at Ally Pally and hope to find a few things to help finish this off – trim and maybe the backing material, although, i do have some leftover clothing from LM’s quilt to use, and since its for her i’m tending to favour that option.

right, off to read a few blogs i’ve had trouble opening on my phone.