I’m back……


was i missed? anyone??!!.

well, i’ve just finished a 10day placement without break, so am a touch knackered!. i was in a newly renovated house without internet!. it was very hard trying to survive on my phone for contact with the outside world. i took the baby to starbucks most days to use their net. while there i did try their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate – rather yummy!.

as i mentioned in my last post i wanted to try and stitch each day, and alternate pieces. i managed to stick to that for the most part. i had a landing outside my room that had 2 skylights – it was a brilliant place to stitch with all that light!.

on the neighbourhood, i got the frames finished on the blue house, all the red of the red house and more for the roof.


on patience, the frame is completely finished, with the exception of one square!!. for some reason i missed it!. i’ll sort it when i use the same colour in a nearby mofit!. i also mucked up the area under the sheep – i didnt look at all the pattern and thought i had it in my head and stitched away before realising my mistake. i decided not to unpick and to count off the stem of the flower for placement of the sheep and flowers around them. there isnt alot left on this to do – finish the sheep, the word patience and more detail on the flower.

the other thing about this piece – i think i kept the wrong fabric out of the box to nz as the ecru colour doesnt show up well i dont think. i’m meant to use it for the sheep, but have decided to use the whiter colour of the sheep in the neighbour for these sheep.



tomorrow i’m going to the knit and stitch show at Ally Pally and hope to find a few things to help finish this off – trim and maybe the backing material, although, i do have some leftover clothing from LM’s quilt to use, and since its for her i’m tending to favour that option.

right, off to read a few blogs i’ve had trouble opening on my phone.


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