the last last trip to Ally Pally!!


so, a few weeks ago i went to Ally Pally for the stamp and scrapbook show. i had thought it would be my last trip there, however i knew the Knitting and Stitching show was coming up and hoped i might be able to make it if work allowed.

guess what!! work allowed!. so off i trekked yesterday.  the show is huge compared to the stamp/scrapbook show, and yesterday was the first time in all my times of attending shows where i went out, sat down and thought about what i’d seen and was there anything i wanted to go back to see/buy.

i had a list of things i wanted – speciality threads for Santas Village and Hillside Travellers, some trim for Patience the sheep, something for a potential ornament swap i might join in on the DtE forum.

so here is the photographic evidence of a day well spent!.

i should  be able to find a suitable ornament to stitch if i decide to join in the swap!.


the one bag i took wasnt enough, so i supported the Cats Protection League and brought one of their bags!. i did chuckle at them having a stand there – i guess alot of crafty women have fur babies!!.


wool was NOT on my list!. but i couldnt resist the pink – it is soooo soft and snuggly. i wish i’d got another skein. the other wool was so cheap for 100% wool that i couldnt walk away!.


i hadnt talked to myself about fabric – i should have done!. all i had wanted was something i could use for backing for xmas decoration i MAY make!!.


i love these hooks – i have the 5 already, but its in NZ, so i got another along with the 4 and 6. i’m thinking of hooking the pink wool into a snuggly scarf or cowl


speciality threads – got all that was on my list, so pleased about that.


and charts – could have brought so much more….


i saw this stitched up and its absolutely gorgeous. this is the full kit as well which is a bonus!.


this was lovely stitched up as well.


have fancied this for a while. i fancy doing it in a funky colour


been wanting this for a while


i’ve seen a photo of this finished and its lovely, plus i love the saying.




and the 11th Santas Village. i hadnt expected to find that, so i was pleased with that. she also had the button.



there were several cross stitch stands but only 3 that really spoke to me. the lady i brought santas village, and a few other charts from, had the most amazing stitching on display, all she’s done herself. she had the quilting bee up, and its amazing – took her longer that she thought to stitch it. that doesnt bode well for a slow coach like me!!.


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