Geneva Oct 2013


yesterday i returned from 2 weeks in Geneva. i was helping a family settle in there with a 3 month old baby. i got to see some sights as we went out for walks or to the supermarket each day.

last weekend i had plenty of time to play tourist and i packed much in, including trips to 2 flea markets. Geneva is a lovely city, the trees are very alpine given the proximity to the Alps surrounding the city. the leaves were turning and the colours were magnificent. but the prices were out of this world!. i had a steak and chips dinner and was gobsmacked at the price!!.

here are some photos from various walks or tours round the city.

not sure what this building was.


the water jet


roman pillars in Nyon, a town further round Lake Geneva


recently discovered Roman amphitheatre in Nyon, complete with snoozing furry friend!


looking down over Nyon towards Lake Geneva, the gardens had grape vines amongst the plantings.


this vegetable garden is in the shadow of the castle of Nyon


the wall commemorating the men who helped the reformation of Switzerland


a square at the top of the old town area of Geneva


the water jet


headquarters of the Red Cross, which was founded in Geneva


a châteaux in one of the parks we walked thru.


i found this little slice of heaven in the old town. i love papercutting and this was amazing. however, like all prices in Geneva, they were horrendously expensive.


saw this man in the street. he let a young boy have a go, which was fun to watch. the sound was so deep but lovely to listen to.


the colours of the trees were amazing


another châteaux in a park we walked thru often


another view of the above châteaux showing its view over the lake.


next up i’ll show the cross stitch update of what i managed to do while away, followed by photos of my trip to a flea market and the treasures i brought as my souvenirs of my time in Geneva.


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  1. Lovely photos! I’ve only been to Geneva once and we were just passing through so only had a couple of hours, but I remember it as being lovely. It sounds like you made the most of your time there and I agree that everything is expensive. Nice to look at though 🙂

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