treasures from Geneva


in preparation for my weekend as a tourist, i read some of the relocation information the family had. in there i discovered there were some flea markets over the weekend!. i spent the rest of the day figuring out where they were, and how easy it would be to get to them!.

on saturday morning i went to one thats held every wednesday and saturday. there were loads of sellers and a combination of vintage stuff and tat!. i saw some lovely vintage french fabric, but never found out the price, deciding that it wasnt essential. i had to keep reminding myself that not only did i have to get treasures back to London, i then had to get them to NZ later this month!.

so on saturday i brought this

P1100604 P1100605

i want to use it as a vase. it has 1904 inscribed on it and some hallmark marks, but it didnt cost me much, so either i’ve scored well, or i’ve been sucked in!!. once in NZ i plan to find a jar that will fit inside to hold the water and flowers.

then on sunday i went back to Nyon because they hold a monthly flea market along the shores of the lake.  prices ranged from pretty steep to reasonable

P1100383 P1100395

i have a weakness for glass, and fell for these – i got 5 of them. someone must have broke the 6th one!. they are small- about 3” high, but i love the mid century modern type pattern on them. obviously didnt remember my ‘get it to NZ’ talk!!. i carried them all day on my trips round Geneva and had no accidents!.


a small tin to add to the collection – not vintage, and full of chocolate!.


some things i spotted along my wander – cow bells. very cool, but expensive and heavy!.


an old time bath!.


i loved this frame against the car, but didnt even enquire about it given it would have been a nightmare to get back to London and NZ!. Also, notice, in the foreground is a sleigh – there were loads of them, and if i lived local, or had had a car, i’d have brought one!.


my other purchase as a souvenir from my time in Switzerland was this Alpaca wrap. its so lovely and warm


i’m sharing these goodies with like minded people at Op Shop Show


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