it’s cold!


Yesterday for about 5 minutes it snowed here in north London!. i should have left last week, not next week!. i have no winter woollies, other than my cozy alpaca shawl i brought in Geneva. i’d sent my winter clothing home back in May when i left my flat, thinking i’d be there by now!!.

not having any of my woollen clothing here has really brought it home to me how much warmth they provide. i’m freezing when i go out – the wind is rattling my skeleton!.

i already bore people about the benefits of 100% woollen clothing, but i reckon its going to get worse now i’ve experienced this weather without wool!.

i remember when i trained and first worked as a nanny in NZ, we always used woollen vests in the winter. the baby wore a cotton vest first, then a woollen one over the top, then the rest of their clothing. i really believe we need to bring wool back into children’s clothing as so many children are getting ill, from being cold. and, have woolly blankets on beds. all this cheap cotton and man made material items are not providing the warmth that’s required.

even though i already have a pile of woollen blankets waiting for me in NZ, i think i will crochet another one next year as part of my projects for the year. or maybe a shawl, as i love this alpaca one. decisions decisions!.

now then – its 5 sleeps till i move back home to NZ. i will probably do a cross stitch update or 2, but other than that, there wont be a lot of posts over the next few weeks while i settle in.

keep warm everyone!.




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  1. Hi Rach, I just found your blog last night (it’s always good to find another x-stitching Kiwi blogger). Good luck with your move back to NZ, it is definitely warming up down here.

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