Just thought i would share how i ended up finishing Patience for LM. i started to stitch it onto a backing, but wasnt liking what i was seeing, so decided to go to IKEA and see if i could get a frame. i found the Ribba frame that was square, but i couldnt get one open to check sizing, so, after lying the piece over the top and taking a guess, i decided it would be ok. i could only choose white or black. i felt white would be better in fitting in with future house decoration!.

once i got the frame back i opened it and tried the piece, and phew!, it fit with a nice edge.



i gave it to LM yesterday as i said goodbye to her and her parents (*sob). i told her when she looks at it she is to remember all the times we joked about her lack of patience, which brought a laugh from everyone. it was very well received.

tomorrow is departure day!. today i plan to stitch a little this morning, go to a movie this afternoon (Parkland), and have a quiet evening. tomorrow morning i will post an update of the neighbourhood project before its time to pack it into the suitcase and head off to the airport.


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