greetings from Christchurch!.


i’m here!!.

i’ve been back 48 hours, and am still knackered!. goodness knows why!. my flight from London to Singapore was empty, which was brilliant!. my suitcase was heavy and i’m sure if it had been full i’d have been stung for excess baggage!. i had a row of 3 seats to myself, so spent most of the flight lying down, incase i didnt have that luxury on the next flight!. i had about 5 hours in Singapore, which allowed me a chance to have a good wander around. there was a butterfly house which i would have liked to have a look through, but my bags were heavy and there was noone i could leave them with!. by the way, it was 33 degrees C there!!.

the next flight was fuller, but i was still able to have an empty seat between myself and the other woman on my row. that flight went pretty quickly – i read alot which helped.

i havent ventured far yet since getting back – taken my mum to the supermarket and the casino!!. tomorrow morning i’m going to Riccarton Market – somewhere i havent been for over 10yrs!. i’m looking forward to having a nosey around and see what the prices are nowadays!.

i havent stitched since monday in London because i’ve been preoccupied with my book. its called ‘Parkland’, about the days following the Kennedy assassination from the points of view of various people involved in some way. i watched the movie on monday afternoon and found it interesting, but left me with lots of things i wanted to resolved, so i checked amazon to see if there was a book and sure enough there was. i checked the Waterstones website and they carried it, so on tuesday morning i went to the local one, 5mins away. they didnt have it, but said it was up in Barnet. i went and checked WHSmith, and they had no record of it on their system, which meant i wouldnt be able to find it at the airport, so i made the decision to go to Barnet, instead of spend some time stitching!!. i jumped on the bus and headed up there. the whole trip took me about an hour and i was able to get the book and get back to the flat with plenty of time to get organised to head to the airport.

then!!!…..when i got airside at Heathrow, what did i find – the book!!. oh well never mind!. i’m enjoying reading it.

i have a few pictures to share –

a couple of shots out the window above Thailand or Malaysia

P1100877 P1100879

Changi airport has something on to do with Italy


my treasure from Geneva filled with roses from mums garden.


my favourite rose, Abraham Darby


it must be Christmas time!.



and the vegie patch, i’ll be spending some time dealing with!!.


the the furry member of the family.



i’ll be back in a couple of days with a stitching update, if i’ve managed to put my book down!.


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  1. Pleased you have landed safely and by the sounds of it you are settling in and getting back into the flow!

    The roses are beautiful and the veggie patch has promise 😉


    MWG xxx

  2. Glad you got home safely and are settling back in. Smashing photos. That Italian thing is stunning.

    WHSmith high street is separate from WHS travel, which is why they couldn’t tell you the book would be available at the airport. I work for WHS travel and we do have a different range to the high st. Glad you got it in the end though and it sounds like it’s interesting 🙂

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