3 of 4 houses stitched!!




thanks to a great test match between NZ and West Indies, i’ve been able to crack on with this house on the bottom row. its now complete, as is the grass area underneath it. all that remains is 2 trees, 2 fences, 2 flowers, the wording under the grass and the leaves and flowers on the border. may still be able to make the end of year deadline!.

in other news, all my stuff from the UK is now here and stacked in my parents garage!. i’ve opened 3 boxes and got out my pillows, the PL stuff and my cross stitch supplies. i’ve got 5 kitted up x stitch projects – 4 of the Christmas themed!.

i’ve been unsure about having 2 projects on the go, but i managed ok with the neighbourhood and patience when i was working a few months back. i will definitely wait til i have completed the rest of the bottom area, so its only the top row left.

i’ve also realised the spelling on this chart is American, and neighbourhood is spelt ‘wrong’!. there is a short saying under the grass using the word neighbourhood. i’m not sure i’f  i’ve got the skills to try and rearrange to add the ‘u’, or just accept it as part of using an American pattern!.



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