continued progress on the neighbourhood.


this year was a quiet Christmas so it gave me lots of stitching time – when i wasn’t raiding the library!.

i have got all of the bottom row completed now and should be on track to achieve my goal of finishing the bottom portion of the project by the end of the year!. All that’s left is the leaves and flowers on the vine border and the wording. i’ve decided not to try and change the spelling of the word neighbourhood. its part and parcel of buying an American designed chart.


in other news, i have unwrapped my sideboard and brought it into the house. for now its in a corner of my parents living room.


meanwhile, the rest of the things i sent from the UK is still packed in the garage. i say one of my goals is to have all my belongings under one roof. it is now, so i’ll amend my goal to have everything i own unpacked under one roof!!.



i hope to have a project life post in the next couple of days. the title page is slowing coming together!.

i’m loving the local library!. i go to a suburban branch and its got loads of books that appeal to me. its so much better than the borough branches i had in the UK. the stock here is up to date and there is a good variety. i’ve been going every few days and have spent valuable stitching time reading or looking at pretty pictures!.

i hope the festive season is being good to everyone and Santa brought you something you wanted!.


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