Project Life Title page


last night i sat and had a play with paper bits and came up with a title page for PL which i’m starting later this week!. this is how it looks for now, but it may change by the time i get the page protectors!. i dont have alot of stuff available to use at present, just what i brought in the UK in the 6mths between sending my belongings home and me heading back. so thats 6×6 pads, stamps, washi tape, a few word embellies, enamel dots and some wood veneer embellies. that lot will have to do until i am able to unpack properly.


it comprises 3 ready made cards, 2 patterned papers cut to size, 2 home made filler cards and a map of inner city Christchurch.

below is my craft space for now!. some of you may recognise the table – its the Lakeland fold away table a few of use brought around the time Scrapmates went to Canterbury ( UK ) for the weekend. it had to come back with me as its so useful and folds away easily!.



i am planning on doing a monthly spread for project life so i may not have much to share until Feb!. there is alot on in Jan so who knows, i might do a fortnightly spread, i’ll see how it goes.

i plan to record the days events in a diary, indicating where i’ve taken photos, so i can remember everything come time to make the spread. we’ll see how long it lasts!.


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  1. Fab front cover. Pinterest have loads of free downloadable project life cards, just print on nice card and I can’t notice the difference.

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