goal achieved -phew!


with 3 hours to go i have achieved my goal of having the bottom half of the neighbourhood finished!.

as you’ll see, i havent changed the spelling of the american version of neighbourhood – i didnt trust my ability to add the letter and have the final result look balanced and good, so i left it. i’m cool with it as i know it was designed by someone who spells the word that way. i did think this evening i should have contacted the designer as i follow her facebook page, and ask is she has an UK english version of the bottom line. by then it was too late for me however!.

proof – taken under lights this evening!



so now its on to the top line and surrounding border. one house, 2 women, 2 animals and 2 plants i think.

so here ends the 2013 posts, a year where i have relocated yet again, this time back to the city of my birth. let the root planting begin!.

Happy New Year to my followers and readers!.


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  1. That looks gorgeous. See – I knew you could do it 🙂

    I think that looks fine with the spelling that way, but if you do want to change anything in future projects, it’s easy enough if you download one of the free cross stitch design programs. I put in some of the surrounding stitches for placement and the whole line of text that’s being altered. It takes a bit of time but it’s not difficult.

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