Welcome 2014


so!, here we are, another new year!. i don’t do resolutions as such, but i do have a few goals for myself this year. if i set them out here maybe i might stick to them!.

personally –

*stay debt free; move into own space ( get own cat or 3!!!); continue to reduce sugar in diet; up the exercise level (from basic to a little bit more than basic!); get a job!; source vintage and second hand items for my home; read more books; see more movies; be a tourist in my own city.

crafty –

* finish the neighbourhood by the end of March; stitch an xmas ornament each month; start and finish the snowmen; do a Project Life spread each month; crochet something to keep the stitches in my head!.

self reliance –
* continue to work on vegetable production – get to grips with NZ planting seasons!; look into home made products – for now, shampoo, toothpaste; continue to cook from scratch; investigate eating/buying locally; reduce reliance on electrical goods if there is a hand powered option available; remove plastics from my surrounds( will need to wait til in own space most likely)
geez!, that looks a lot!. might have to remove a few things!!.



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