the road to self sufficiency…….


…….will be long and slow!.

i’m starting the year with my own blueberry and lemon!.  both are in pots for when i move into my own space.

this is my lemon


and my blueberry.



the lemon will mainly be for use in cleaning products as i dont tend to use alot of lemon in my cooking. over time i will get another one, and once i have a permanent property they will go into the ground. but while i rent they will stay in pots.

its my intention to have a large vegetable patch, and all the things i learnt from my allotment in the UK will be put into practice. my grandfather had a fantastic vege patch and i wish there was a photo of it now, but i doubt there is.

for now i will continue to practice in my parents garden and read all about growing food in NZ.


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  1. I’m an avid (if not wholly successful) gardener too, also inspired my my grandfathers garden. we started with small steps like you and now, in what seems no time at all, we are digging up lawn to expand further and further. Look forward to following you gardening journey x

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