wait for one, two come along…..bit like London buses!


on my last trip to Riccarton Market, i spied a blue Ball mason jar from America. Pinterest and blogland is awash with them in various art and craft projects, and i rather fancied one myself. so i was thrilled to spot one. however it was a little more than i was wanting to pay, so i walked away and continued my trip the market.

but i kept thinking about it, and didnt spot anything else to fire my imagination, so i went back for it. i converted the $ to £ and realised it wasnt that bad a price to pay ( i still have to work in £ to decide if i’m getting a bargin or not!). i brought it!. then on the last aisle before i left i spied another one!. my heart raced a little cos the stall was full of people and i wanted it!!. i got it. it is smaller and cheaper than the first and i thought i should have just waited til i had been round the whole market, cos then i could have just got this one.

once at home and a little research later i’m thrilled i brought the bigger one first, or i would have missed out on a gem!.


the one of the left is a modern version brought out to commemorate 100yrs of Ball jars, or something along those lines.

the one of the right was manufactured between 1910 and 1923!. i did some research into the jars, and found you can tell the age by the way the Ball is scripted on the jar ( website i used). i also read there are alot of fakes coming out of China and the best way to tell a fake is by weight – the fakes are light to pick up like the new modern jars. my jar is quite heavy, so i’m pretty sure its genuine. i love the shape, the colour and the fact its old!. it has one chip on one of the rings of the screw threads at the top and i’m curious as to how such a thing made its way to NZ. has it been here for 100 yrs, or did someone buy it on a trip to the USA and then decided they didnt want it anymore!. i’m pleased they didnt, i’ll love it and it will do double duty as a thing of beauty and a vase!.

the small one will go away in a cupboard and be used for its intended purpose!.

i’m sharing with like minded folk over at the Op Shop Show Off on Blackbird has Spoken


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  1. Can you please post a link to learning about the Ball jar’s age? I found one in my basement when we moved in a few years back, all filled with dirt and urgh, but it washed up beautifully. Had no idea it might be so old, so thanks for sharing your info 🙂

  2. nice one! i love these too, and in all my op-shop trawls i have only found the one. thanks for adding the link, i’m keen to date mine too, it’s heavy and a little chipped too so fingers crossed…

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