there’s cricket on, it must be stitching time!.


yesterday i managed to finish all the stitching on the 7 pines LHN freebie, so all that’s left now is to back it and make it into a little hanging ornament. i probably won’t do this til after my upcoming trip to OZ.


today i’m doing my best to cheer on the English cricket team, and cos i’m a female, i’m multitasking!. i picked up the neighbourhood and begun working on the top third. inspector furbaby had to check progress as well!.


i stitched a chook!.



on the crochet front. i have an idea for the blanket in my head, but i need to research more on Pinterest so see my idea in the flesh so to speak!. i know i have pinned a version of what i’m thinking, so will go look and make a decision, so i can think about making a start.

in other news, i had a walk round the central city on friday, and took a few photos. i’m unsure about posting them/doing a post. not sure if people are interested or curious about the devastation the feb 2011 earthquake cause.


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  1. The LHN freebie turned out super cute, and your village is coming along nicely. I love that your kitty is getting in on the action. Mine do this too.

    The ‘e’ word gives me anxiety, after all the earthquakes that hit Wellington last year (probably heightened by the fact I felt very vulnerable with a 5 day old baby when it all kicked off). I don’t think my sanity would have stayed intact if I had lived in Christchurch. I think your readers might be quite interested in your photos though.

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