with no plans for the day, i decided to complete the first of the 12 Xmas ornaments i plan to stitch this year. i choose some backing fabric from the small pile i brought back from the UK and hand stitched the front and back together. i have a few IKEA cushions which i use the stuffing for these types of projects – far cheaper than a bag of filling fibres!. then i added a ribbon and buttons to finish off the piece. i’m pretty happy with ornament one. hopefully by ornament 12, things might be a little fancier!.

again, this is the Little House Needleworks Xmas freebie, found on their blog, rather than their website.

P1110092 P1110094

my parents are addicted to cheese scones, so i tried a new recipe on them today. this is from Brett McGregor’s first cookbook, and they were very well received, and preferred over the other recipe i had been using. my father has requested a batch be made on Wednesday and put in the freezer for him to enjoy while mum and i are in Australia!.


anyone making anything fun or exciting this weekend?


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