tongue in cheek post!!.


down here in New Zealand, miles away from anywhere else, we have some strange confusions in the animal kingdom…….

last night i photographed the resident ginger furbaby hatching some dirt in a plant pot =

19 01 14

this morning when i looked out the window, this is what i saw……..


furbaby hatched a black kitty, lol!!.

now, in all seriousness!, the black kitty is a neighbourhood cat who likes to visit for a few biscuits. hes very timid, and our cat tolerates him nicely – theres no rude words between them, and this morning there was a rubbing of noses. probably cos Sid (our cat) was unimpressed black kitty was in his plant pot!.

please forgive my attempts at humour!.


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  1. Pretty nice! I like your L-K ornament finish too. I’m hoping to stitch an ornament each month this year but I better get going, it’s already January 20th! The weeks fly by way too quickly.

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