signing out for 2.5wks!


i’m off to the sun of the Gold Coast of Australia, to see my niece start school – woohoo – sun, warmth, swimming pool and niece!. cant wait.

so before i go an update on the neighbourhood, since i’m taking it with me. i’m making steady progress on the top row. i’m hoping to get this right hand portion, and the house in the middle completed in OZ.


i also experimented with a hexagon pattern in a solid colour with a view to doing this for my up coming blanket. not sure what i think yet. when i get back i’ll do a couple more and then make the final decision.



i have one post scheduled to go out on the 25th as part of a blog event i’ve signed up for. not tried scheduling posts before so it should be fun seeing if it all goes smoothly!.

i wont be posting over the next few weeks, but will check on comments and respond as required.

have fun in whatever you’re up to!.


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